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evan-the-headhunter-logo-solo-smWhy Use EVAN–THE HEADHUNTER Resume Writing Services?

Because with 15+ years’ experience in career management, I understand the ins and outs of creating great resumes that work for people at all levels – from entry level job seekers to experienced executives or professionals.

A Great Resume Can Shorten Your Job Search – THE FACTS

☑ You have an average of 6-10 seconds to impress a hiring manager

☑ Your resume has to have both relevant content and visual appeal

☑ Your resume must serve you as a marketing tool, not an autobiography. Sell yourself, buy refrain from telling your life story.

☑ Your strengths need to jump off the page! That’s why it is imperative to spend a good amount of time thinking about your foremost strengths that best characterize you.

☑ With a quick scan, it must quickly and effectively establish your expertise and qualifications for the position.

That’s what I can do for you, guaranteed satisfaction with a bucket load of career goodness too!


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