Write My Cover Letter

How are you going to get a hiring manager’s attention in a sea of qualified candidates?

…By Having Us Write You a Great Cover Letter

The difference between getting offered a position and not hearing anything at all often comes down to the Cover Letter – how it’s worded as well as what the hiring manager can learn about you, your habits, world view, principles, and personality.

Good hiring managers know that people are more than just their employment history and job details – excellent candidates often have intangible skills that a resume simply can’t illustrate.

Your cover letter is your first opportunity to demonstrate that you are the excellent candidate they are looking for.

Here are the STEPS we take to ensure you have an effective Cover Letter:

TAILOR YOUR COVER LETTER TO THE PARTICULAR COMPANY AND/OR JOB DESCRIPTION.  We research the company, organization or department to make sure you let the hiring manager know that you are truly interested in the opportunity rather than just sending out Resumes and Cover Letters to see what sticks.

ADD NEW INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR SKILLS LIKE WORK HABITS AND PERSONAL REFERENCES. Your Cover Letter should not summarize your Resume but rather complement the information.

USE INDUSTRY SPECIFIC LANGUAGE. Your ability to articulate your knowledge of industry jargon, standards, procedures and norms lets the hiring manager know you can begin being productive at once with minimal training.

ADDRESS ANY GAPS IN EMPLOYMENT OR QUALIFICATION MISMATCH. Whether you are overqualified, have to explain a break in your work history or need to explain how your experience makes up for not meeting educational requirements, we address these concerns in your Cover Letter.


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