There’s a huge upsurge in jobs for miners…and it’s not for coal.


Data mining and gathering is now becoming a requirement for layman jobs.

It goes without saying that the job market is in constant flux.  The job seeker of today has to be ready to navigate through changing and challenging waters with immense determination.

So I know you’ve heard about all the industry buzzwords that marketers, researchers, and scientists are throwing out these days – data analysis, big data, data metrics analysis, data research, data mining, data synthesis, data science, data matrix, and data dog – okay, strike out the last entry, I figured I’d throw that one in there to see if you’re awake during this long deluge of data words. So why is data being touted as the next big four letter word? Ladies and gentlemen, it’s just where we’re headed as a society.

It’s information warfare.

Every company is looking for that competitive edge, that little piece of key information that is going to lead to market dominance. So what does that mean to you as a job seeker in this jungle job market?  It means you are going to need to retool in order to be more competitive and regarded as an invaluable asset in this information-driven job market.

I browsed a couple of job boards and you’d be surprised how many jobs that were once considered layman and non-technical are now requiring technical skills. Having technical skills and/or technical savviness could be the difference maker. Let’s take for instance a marketing job I recently was contacted about.  After reading the job description, I noticed the emphasis they placed on having strong technical experience for what was an entry-level marketing position.

Here’s another one I came across – a Marketing Program Coordinator position listed the following requirements:

  • Experience with customer databases and data mining.

And another one – a Talent Development Manager position says that a potential candidate must be well-versed in the following:

  • Measuring and Evaluating – Designing Evaluation Plans, Quantitative and Qualitative data gathering and analysis, Kirkpatrick’s Levels, ROI, Success Case Methods, Descriptive Statistics.

And that’s just a quick search on So, imagine if I really took the time to dig deep into the DATA…okay, I couldn’t resist.

Nonetheless, these findings begs the question – are job seekers coming to the table with the relevant skills or are they being trained along the way? I suppose it’s the former because most employers I speak with want ready-made candidates. They don’t want to provide training on technical skill sets and find it much easier to hire someone who already has those skills. As more jobs move from their traditional definition into the 21st century definition, I wonder how many job seekers are prepared for this shift?

In this changing evironment, you will have to acquire these technical skills in order to truly compete and stand out – this is no longer an option, but rather a mandate.

No one is safe from position extinction whether you work as a customer service representative for a local, small business or work for a multinational organization.  All positions will require re-tooling to keep up with the changing times.

The good news is, for every job you can think of; the training, classes, and education is all around us and in abundance. In my last post, I spoke about MOOCing it up. You can find a number of classes on data mining, data research and gathering on the different MOOC directory websites. It’s important that you utilize these tools to improve yourself and bring something of value to the table. Companies today like nothing more than to get a candidate’s resume that has all the soft skills and technical skills all wrapped up in one candidate – they get two positions filled for the price of just YOU!

So be the one to build those skills! What are you waiting for?  Go out and make it happen today!

Leading the wise out of this Job Jungle,

Evan—The HeadHunter

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