I have a LinkedIn profile, but I don’t ever use it…

That’s the story of many clients I have had the opportunity to help and speak to.  And while the thought of goading my clients and/or anyone else with a LinkedIn Account into taking an active interest in managing their account, has crossed my mind – the truth is I don’t care to.  Reason – very few have the time for me really to explain how important it is to manage their LinkedIn account in the same way they manage their bank account.  Instead, a good number of people treat their LinkedIn Profiles like their resume sitting somewhere on one of those “C” drive folders or the real life file drawer.  Your LinkedIn account never was, is not, and never will be a tool where you can plug and play.  You can’t just upload your resume and forget about the rest.  Nah, really!  Yea, really!


I’ve had clients tell me that they’re just too busy to update, seek recommendations, and make connections on a continual basis.  But when the time comes either because of an unexpected layoff, firing or just getting tired of the same ‘ole, same ‘ole – that feeling of looking for greener pastures creeps in.  You’ve now realized that your LinkedIn profile is far from complete and hasn’t been updated since George Walker Bush got elected to a second term as the United States President.  Now you want something magically to happen, and you need it yesterday.  You want 500 instant connections, 10 recommendations, and hordes of comments  posted by YOU on a broad spectrum of topics and discussions.  See, that’s why I don’t have to do any goading, usually that happens all on its own.

So why do most people wait? Because most people are under the impression that merely having a LinkedIn account is good enough, and they’ll update it when the time comes.  But unlike your resume, your LinkedIn profile is an always on – a living, digital representation of your career that anyone around the globe with the Internet and a reason to look can easily access.  Most people would say that they aren’t okay with someone just stopping by their home and walking in through their doors at any time.  That’s why we have phones, gates, doors, bells, and security alarms to ensure that we don’t experience this sort of obtrusive behavior.  It’s not to say we don’t want guest, family, friends, or neighbors over, but we just want an opportunity to provide them with our best showing.  We should take the same approach with our LinkedIn profiles! From time to time, give it a good ‘ole cleaning (updating), and this way you won’t be embarrassed when  someone looks at your profile. Don’t wonder why people are not interested in hiring you when you are being represented by a disorganized, hardly cleaned, virtually abandoned LinkedIn account.  Make it a welcomed home!


In writing this post, my curiosity was piqued in wanting to know how “welcome to my home” was said in different languages.  Please find my list below and happy learning!

Arabic -  مرحبا بكم في وطننا
Danish – velkommen til vores hjem
French – bienvenue chez nous
Russian – Добро пожаловать в наш дом
Chinese – 欢迎到我们的家
German – Willkommen auf unserer Homepage
Spanish – bienvenidos a nuestra casa
Portugese – Bem-vindo à nossa casa
Swahili – kuwakaribisha nyumbani kwetu
Haitian Creole – Byenveni nan kay nou
Swedish – Välkommen till vårt hem
Hebrew – ברוכים באים לבית שלנו

Evan–The HeadHunter (Pronounced as seen)


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