Work executed very well and beyond my expectation. Such a pleasure to work with, very professional and communicates very well. Will definitely work with again. Highly recommend. Deserves AAAAAA+ Thank you so much!


I am very satisfied with the outcome of this gig. My resume and cover letter sound and look so professional. Thank you very much for your amazing work and talent! I am sure to land the job I am hoping for because of my amazing resume and cover letter created by TheHeadHunter. . . . . Thank You!!!


Evan did a masterful job pulling many years of experience and diversified positions into a cohesive document I am extremely proud of. Would rate him number 1 in the resume writing industry and will definitely use him again!


I have used The HeadHunter several times and I am impressed with his work. Let me tell you how he stand out from the rest.: HeadHunter is cutting edge...not the cookie cutter. You won't find any" amateurish" sentence structure and verbs here. Just a total professional.

J. Perkins, Author

Wow! Thank you. He wrote my profile as if he has known me for years! Incredible. Thank you and thank you!


After working on it for more than a month, I thought that my LinkedIn profile was in pretty good shape (and it is). But, Evan (theheadhunter) still came up with some good suggestions that I will figure out how to implement.


Ordered the top-of-line Profile and it is completely worth it. Now only did he delivered on time but the results exceed our expectations. I've told several colleagues and I'm recommending for you to go all out and get it the quality work done if your Linkedin page isn't effective in generating biz.


Very professional. I love the work effort you did on the Linkedin Review very impressive!!! Thanks so much.


I'm very impressed! I did have bad luck with a couple other sellers, but Evan proved to be very professional. His review went through my profile and picked out what I needed to work on. It's been two days since I received his review and I'm still in the process of altering my profile! Thanks.


This is my 4th time using TheHeadHunter's services and every time I'm blown away. He is a true professional and has the knack for expressing your expertise on paper (resume or cover letter) like no other. You will be very happy with his work and I'm positive it will open doors for you.


We are so thankful for The Headhunter!!! He did an amazing job with our resumes and cover letters. He was very fast and efficient with his work. We were truly blown away by the work that was done – BEYOND happy!
Thank you so much for all your help! We would highly recommend using the Headhunter’s services… you will be so happy you did!

Meredith & Bob

Ordered the resume, cover letter and linkedin profile and obtained a great job, beyond my original expectations. Very professional service, that really worth it and that I strongly recommend.

Nicola T

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